Observation drawing is a deeply focusing, all-sensory experience. Drawing is as natural as breathing (indeed, we draw breath), a communication tool as vital as speaking and writing. There are many myths and misconceptions around drawing. I do my best to dispel them all. 

As the 'Right side of the Brain' approach has been researched in the past 20 years by scientists and psychologists, it is becoming recognized that drawing, and expressing oneself in an artistic way, is actually a vital part of our 'being', a fundamental aspect of our daily needs, in the same way as, for example, meditation, fresh air or contact with other people. It is a fabulous form of focusing our brains, and of sharpening up many skills, from how we see, to co ordination and perception. Concentrating on the drawing subject gives us a fantastic break from the stresses and worries of every other aspect of our lives. Drawing is a rewarding, fulfilling experience. I'm not saying it's easy, but it can be taught, and everyone can learn to improve hugely, in a remarkably short space of time

Drawing - the ability to look, observe, understand and draw what you see before you - is the first and most important step, not only towards producing a picture but for all areas of design, problem solving, idea generation, innovation and communicating. Trying to learn to paint without learning to draw is like trying to run before you can walk. Neglecting your drawing skills means that you will become increasingly frustrated with your paintings. Luckily, learning to draw is fun and the results so rewarding that it is worth putting your paints away for a little while to improve your essential observation skills. 

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